Flood Light 50W 100-260V AC

The LED floodlights provide optimal illumination by producing a light that is both powerful and standardized.
This lighting solution can be oriented in the targeted area thanks to its directional flow to allow a reduction of dark spaces.
Besides reducing the loss of lighting, it allows, among other benefits, to optimize the use of the light emitted for a high light output with a better quality of light.
Extremely practical, they agree on the facades and in the smallest places to illuminate the aisle or building.


  • General lighting
  • Lighting of squares & access roads
  • Buildings Lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Security lighting


  • Quick ROI
  • Significant energy savings (up to 80% compared to conventional luminaires)
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Life time: 50,000 H +
  • Several installation possibilities (wall or matte)
  • Homogeneous design in three different sizes


Power 50W
Voltage 100-260V AC 50/60Hz
Power Factor >0.9
Lifetime 50 000 H+
Switching Cycle 25 000

Photometrics data

Luminous Flux 5 000 Lumens
Beam Angle 70°
Color Temperature 6 500K
Color Rendering Index 80

Dimensions & Materials

Dimensions 226mm x 186mm x 125mm
Materials Aluminum Body, Thermally tempered glass

To order

References F050D0B3
Product Name Flood Light 50W 100-260V AC 50hz
Bar code 6193102801720
Unit by packaging 1
Family datasheet
Product datasheet
Dimensions 22.6 × 18.6 × 12.5 cm

220-240V AC



Températures de couleurs

Cold (6500K)

Technologie LED


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